Final Push For Shoppers As Sales Tax Weekend Wraps Up


By Catalina Trivino

Today is the final day for the state's sales tax holiday weekend...

Shoppers are still out there taking advantage of the prices, but there's only a few more hours left for tax free shopping.

The Alabama Department of Revenue says it will end at midnight tonight.

"The last couple [of] days have been real busy, but they've been enjoying the sales on the uniforms that we have here and the difference in the bookbags and like on Fridays, you get 15-percent off extra, so that with the sales tax has been a big boost for us," Said Burke's Outlet Supervisor, Kikoman Hilson.

Hilson says most shoppers have been purchasing clothing and school supplies. The sales tax holiday ends tonight at midnight.

Still, you see shoppers in Greenville taking advantage of purchasing school supplies, computers, and clothing free of state sales or use tax.

Some retailers tell us they've seen a dramatic hike in the amount of store traffic this weekend...

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