Search Continues For Suspect In 2011 Elderly Beating


By Catalina Trivino

A family in Georgiana continues their fight for justice, hoping the person who brutally attacked their loved one is finally caught. That attack was two years ago and put the victim on bedrest to this day.

70- year old, Douglass McCall, was left for dead inside his home after being beaten -- and while he is living, its left him immobile and unable to speak. It's also a case that's yet to be solved and both family members and authorities say giving up is not an option.

August 23, 2011 -- Crystal McCall says it was a morning just like this one when she discovered one of the biggest nightmares of her life: it was a call saying her father, Douglas McCall, has been beaten nearly to death after being robbed.

"'They found your dad, face down in a pool of blood.'" Said his daughter, Crystal, as she described the call she received. "And at that point, everything changed."

Deputies say he was there for 12 hours until he was found on his kitchen floor with severe head injuries. And while doctors thought he wasn't going to make it, the injuries have left McCall on bedrest now going on two years.

"Unfortunately, we're still waiting for a few things to kick back in or to re-start, however, everything works his body moves, he's conscious and aware, just communication is still a barrier," Said Crystal. She says while there are some gestures used to communication, he is unable to speak.

It's why Butler County deputies are still looking for the person responsible for the home invasion. Sheriff Kenny Harden, says they're continuing to follow leads, which have lead to interviews with people from across south Alabama and Florida.

He says it's a case he'll never forget.

"This is an elderly man and [someone] went in on him and beat him and left him for dead there in his own home. This is a very dangerous person, whoever is responsible for doing it," Said Butler County Sheriff, Kenny Harden.

"I'll have to fight and find out who did this to him. This cannot be okay. It's not okay," Said Crystal.

McCall's daughter tells us she hopes he'll be able to speak again in the future to hear his side of the story. She believes that could be the key to finding a suspect.

The Governor has issued a $6,500 reward to try to solve the case. If you have a tip, call the Butler County Sheriff's Office at 334-382-6521.


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