Spring Break Traffic Brings Economic Boost To Greenville Businesses


By Catalina Trivino

This time of the year, spring break is in full swing, as many vacationers take a week off from work and school and drive to the beach. But the time away from the bigger cities helps out smaller towns in Alabama... especially Greenville.

It's exit 130, where thousands of cars stop to fill up their tanks and grab a bite to eat. And spring break is the peak season for travelers and business in south Alabama. Greenville Mayor, Dexter McLendon, says its all due to the location of the Greenville exit. He says all the traffic boosts sales this time of year.

"South of here, you don't have the same kind of exits that you do north of here, so you'll see a lot of people making this their last stop. Sometimes they're just getting a burger and on down the road. Sometimes they're filling up with gas, so it's just gas, food, hotels and sometimes golf," Said McLendon.

Convenience stores like the Chevron gas station off the Greenville interstate say it makes all the difference.

Chevron employee, Antwon Banks, says it's even busier, than last spring break season.


"[There are] cars lined up for gas, buses pulling in, two or three at a time. [You] have a whole lot of vans, car wash be packed no were to park," Said Banks.

Local restaurants are also benefiting from the bump in sales. Burger King Assistant Manager, Annette Peagler, says so far this month, business has gone up by about 30 percent.

"Lunch time... it's really picked up. We have buses, tourists and all of them that come in to sit down and talk. They really enjoy this," Said Peagler.

McLendon says their other peak season for travelers coming to the city is July and August.

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