Stadium Repairs Bring Greenville HS Tigers Back Home


By Catalina Trivino

Last weekend, vandals left behind a huge, expensive mess at Tiger Stadium in Greenville... leaving the community wondering if the field will be ready to for high school football this weekend.

Since then, crews have been out on the field everyday trying to get it back into shape after it was trashed -- but it's been a race against the clock.

Friday is the big night -- it's Greenville High School's home opener, a game that fills the stands from top to bottom. But the last week has kept fans wondering: How long will it take until the field is repaired?

"The weather has been a factor, but we're working real hard on it to get it on time and so we'll be ready," Said Greenville Public Works Director, Milton Lucky.

Last Friday night, the football team came home to damage left at Tiger Stadium. Greenville Police officers say they found a vehicle circling donuts on the field, damage done by a group of Greenville High schoolers.

"Getting that phone call it just... was very disturbing because we really didn't know if the field was going to be ready," Said GHS football coach, Earnest Hill.

And it's cost more than just heartache for Tiger fans. City officials say the labor and man-power has been expensive. So far, they've spent about $5,000 on repairs.

"We went in there and we've cut it several times to get the grass cut down real low, where we can get in and start raking up the ruts. And then we went in with our asphalt roller and rolled the whole field where the ruts were to level it all out. And the last night we had done is put a little sand on it," Said Lucky.

But all that work is paying off. Lucky says after all the chaos, the field is finally getting back into shape. All that's left is painting the white lines and numbers.

"Nothing like our home crowd. It was jamboree. I'm happy to play this week one at the house with our home crowd," Said senior football player, Brian Smith.

So, it's definitely good news for Tiger fans. After all the work, city officials tell CBS-8 they're hoping these stands will be filled for Friday's game because there's no doubt it'll be ready for play.

Prior to the incident, the school was not locking the stadium's visitor gates, which is how the students who made donuts entered the field, but school officials are now taking precautionary measures and locking all gates.



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