What Is Your New Year's Resolution?


By Catalina Trivino

From staying fit, saving money... and falling in love...
Those were some of the top New Year's Resolutions for 2012, but what about 2013?
CBS 8 asks... what are YOU committing to this year?

As we wrap up the year, how are your 2012 New Year's resolutions holding up? Experts say most of you have given up by now, and it could be due to unrealistic expectations -- but they say you can achieve your New Year goal by keeping it simple.

"It's a time to put away the old things and start new, start fresh, looking for ways to improve or to build upon what you've already started," Said Sandee Taylor, who says she's crossing her fingers when it comes to achieving her New Year's resolution.

"As it is most every year it's to eat less and exercise more some years I've accomplished it, some year's I've kind of let it slide after a week or so," Said Taylor.

In fact, losing weight is the number one New Year's resolution. And she joins 45 percent of Americans who are making resolutions, according to one study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology at the University of Scranton.

"To have a better year than I did last year -- spiritually, by going to church more. Financially, saving more, and get myself together," Cindy Edwards.

"My new years resolution is to spend time with my beautiful family and I'm going to do that by spending less time at work and getting home early," John Faircloth.

And of that 45 percent of people who made resolutions in 2012, only 8 percent were successful at achieving their goals.

So we ask -- how will you stick with them?

"My new year's resolution is to make better grades and hopefully to do that, I will study my butt off, more than I have this past year," Said Luke Taylor.

"Smaller portions of food, just trying to stay away from the junk, staying out of the drive through more than usual," Said Sandee Taylor.

The study also shows those who make clear resolutions, are ten times more likely to meet their goals than people who don't define their resolutions.

So, buckle down and have a happy new year!



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