Young Voters In Butler Co. Prepare For Their First Election


By Catalina Trivino

With two weeks left until election day, students and teachers in Butler County are  getting involved in politics and talking voting.

"We're just now registering. We're just now voting," Said Greenville High School senior, Ciera Oswald, who will be voting in her first presidential election next month. She says it's not only an opportunity to voice her opinion, but it's also her responsibility.

"I've been wanting to vote since I was little and I can't wait. I registered right when I turned 18," Said Oswald.

Like Ciera, many Greenville High School seniors are being asked to vote on a number of issues they're only beginning to understand. In Ms. Ficken's Contemporary Issues class, students are analyzing the candidates in this presidential election -- and talking politics in the classroom has given young voters a push towards the polls.

"We've been watching the debates in the classroom and it [helps] me to know who I should vote for, but I'm still undecided because I believe some things Romney says and I also agree with some things Obama says," Said student, Tina Marie Cook, who joins Oswald as a first-time voter.

And with high school seniors potentially entering college or joining the job market, 18-year old Shamera Warren says it's important for teens her age to pay attention to the issues. She says her generation is the future of this nation and she, too, will be placing her vote on November 6th.

"When we watch it now, it's like the whole classroom is like I vote Romney because and I vote Obama because and they feel like this has something to do with me now," Said Warren.

Teachers at Greenville High School say it's been important to bring access to information about the election. They've been doing that by watching the debates, reading articles... and some teachers are even assigning their 18-year old students to register to vote.

Separately, Butler County's Circuit Clerk tells CBS-8 he's seen a significant increase in high school and college students voting in this election compared to others in the past through the absentee ballot process.

November 6th marks a coming of age event for many young voters who are preparing to vote for the first time in a national election.

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