Arrests Could Be Made After Brawl at Goshen/Pike Co. Football Game


By Brittany Bivins

A Pike County parent could face charges after investigators say a fight broke out in the field house after a football game at Goshen High School.

Sheriff's deputies say it happened immediately after the Goshen matchup against Pike County High School, which the Eagles lost 20-11. At some point, investigators say students, coaches and at least one parent became involved in a physical altercation which sent a coach to the hospital with minor injuries.

"This is probably the first incident that ever occurred here at Goshen since I've been here. Something like this does not actually go on," said Sam Mallory, a deputy with Pike County Sheriff's Office. Investigators are interviewing all players, and they say arrests are likely.

It's caught the entire town by surprise, including former Goshen football players like Steven Mitchell. "Emotions run high and last night we were playing a cross county, kind of rival team in Pike County, and so emotions definitely, so emotions played a big part in it, it just got out of hand," he said.

Goshen school administrators say they will not comment on the situation until the investigation is complete. There are no big changes planned for this season's football schedule.



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