Body Found In Troy Pond


By Alabama News Network

A man cutting grass discovers a body in a Troy pond off of Diana Street. Police responded to the pond around 10:15 a.m. Wednesday. 
The property owner says the pond is secluded by tall grass and that no one is usually down there. 
Homer Wright told the pond owner he'd bring his tractor weeks ago to cut the tall grass, but didn't get around to it until Wednesday. 

Homer Wright, a commissioner said, "And I made several rounds around it and this odor hit me in the nose and I saw this object in the water and I stopped and got out and looked and I saw arms on it and I realized it was a body." 

Troy Police Lt. Bryan Weed said, "It's been there several days." 
A 44-year-old man went missing in the area and hasn't been seen since Saturday.  Police aren't connecting the two as of Wednesday.
Homer said, "I didn't get upset or nothing I'm just proud I was able to find it because I noticed they were looking for this individual that I think that's who it is." 
And if an autopsy positively identifies the missing man, Homer Wright hopes this will give the family closure.
Homer said, "I'm glad I found it and was able to report it. because everybody has been suspicious where was he at. So I'm proud I did find it was able to give them some relief." 
Police say this doesn't seem to be a result of foul play. But it is still under investigation and police should know more after an autopsy is complete.

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