Brundidge Police Arrest Suspect in Armed Robbery


By Brittany Bivins

Brundidge police have arrested a man in connection with a shooting that happened at a private home on September 4th. Police Chief Moses Davenport says Brundidge local Lydele Blackmon is charged with armed robbery.

According to police, Blackmon and an unnamed accomplice knocked on the door of a home on Railroad Avenue in Brundidge on the evening of September 4th, asking for drugs. When the homeowner said he didn't use drugs, they left, but returned hours later with a gun.

Police say Blackmon and his accomplice stole $800 from the man, before shooting him in the leg. Chief Davenport told CBS 8 News he doesn't think Blackmon pulled the trigger, but was a willing participant in the robbery. Police continue to search for the second suspect. Anyone with information is urged to contact  the Brundidge Police Department at (334) 735-3333.

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