Brundidge Takes Legal Action to Stop Landfill Sale to Coffee County


By Brittany Bivins

The controversy continues over a Brundidge landfill, the only one in Pike County. Now the City of Brundidge is taking legal action to prevent its sale to Coffee County, calling the landfill "essential" to its long-range plans.

The City of Brundidge has filed an official complaint in a Pike County court saying it's against state law for another county to own the Brundidge landfill. Now city leaders are asking a judge to order a temporary stop to the bidding process.

Today all trash collected in Pike Coutny is heading to a landfill in Coffee County. Meanwhile, the Brundidge landfill remains closed after its owner, a private company, declared bankruptcy, and began taking bids for the property. That includes one from the Coffee County Commission, which voted to approve a $6 million bid two weeks ago.
However, Brundidge city leaders say they don't think Coffee County will agree to reopen the landfill, if the bid is accepted. The City of Brundidge wouldn't agree to an interview, citing ongoing litigation, but City Manager Britt Thomas read CBS 8 News this statement.
The Coffee County Commission claims that Amendment 772 to the Alabama Constitution allows it acquire the landfill, regardless of other state laws. If the Coffee County Commission buys the landfill, the City believes that the Commission will either close the landfill or severely limit the landfill’s operations in order to steer landfill customers to the landfill in Coffee County that the Coffee County Commission operates. The Brundidge landfill is an essential part of the City’s long-range plans for waste disposal and industrial recruitment.

The Coffee County Commission has already approved up to $6 million to bid on the landfill. It has not yet said how it would use the property. It will be up to the courts to decide whether the purchase can go forward.

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