Bullock Co. Deputies Say 2-Year-Old Dies After Accidentally Hit By Car


By Jessica Gertler

Bullock County Deputies say a man hit a two-year-old child with a car. That child later died at a Birmingham hospital. 


Deputies are releasing little detail, and the incident report they've provided is very vague, but they are ruling this an accident until proven otherwise.


Saturday afternoon, deputies arrived at a home on Bullock County Road 8.

Deputies say a man hit a two-year-old boy with a car.

Deputies say the child was taken to a hospital in Troy, and then flown by helicopter to a Birmingham hospital where he later died.

Deputies would not tell us who the driver was, but community members say the man is devastated. 

Authorities say the child is related to the driver.

As of now, the driver is not facing any charges. This case is still under investigation. 



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