Bullock Co. High School Closes After Vandals Toss Eggs, Leave Live Chickens in School


By Brittany Bivins

Bullock County High School students were sent home right after the bell rang this morning, after police say vandals broke in overnight.

Superintendent Keith Stewart says custodians came in Wednesday morning to find garbage scattered across the campus. They also found broken eggs, which had been thrown at windows and doors.

Stewart says faculty members also found live chickens inside the building. Cleaning crews spent the day wiping down the floors and walls, after releasing students for the day. Police have not named any suspects, but say whoever is responsible could face serious charges.

"We're not sure if students or someone else did this, but we will find the person or persons who destroyed our school," said Stewart.

Stewart says cameras were installed in the building, and they are helping police identify the vandals.

Stewart says BCHS will reopen for classes Thursday morning.

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