Monday, December 22, 2014

City Officials Beautifying Brundidge By Tearing Down Dilapidated Buildings
By Brittany Bivins

The City of Brundidge is doing a little beautifying, and it's starting with the buildings that are bringing property values down.

City officials say Brundidge has received a 44-thousand dollar grant to demolish 16 structures that are not up to the building code. Those buildings are mostly homes near downtown, but none of them are currently occupied. City officials say under current law, the buildings must be torn down anyway, to ensure public safety. They say this way the city can do it, with no cost to the homeowners.

People in Brundidge say they have mixed opinions on the plan. "I think if the old houses that are being torn down have any historical value whatsoever, they should try to find a way to save them and restore them, but if its just an old house, then i'm all for them being torn down to move toward the future," said Bill Swykes, who lives in Brundidge.

City officials say property owners will have a chance to bring the buildings up to code before the buildings are demolished. The project could take up to three months to complete.