City of Troy Aiming to Increase Tourism Revenue


By Brittany Bivins

The City of Troy is focusing on bringing more tourism dollars to the area.

Today, city officials met for a "tourism rally


" to thank the hospitality industry for its work bringing more tourism dollars to Pike County. About a dozen restaurant and hotel representatives were on hand for the meeting.

City officials say a big slice of the tourism business comes from fans attending Troy University football games

"It's always an added attraction. Anything you do that enhances people to come out to visit for the first time or to do a repeat, it's always an enhancement, no matter where it is," said Kathy Sauer, President of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

Sheila Jackson, Director of Public Relations and Tourism in Troy, said she doesn't think this year's schedule will keep Troy fans away. "They're going to come because it's Troy. They went to school here, they love it, they're going to come," said Jackson.

An average home game weekend brings about $1million in extra revenue to the city. Last year's big games against Ole Miss and Navy brought in about twice that amount.

. With only three Saturday home games this year, they're hoping extra events like the downtown tailgate will bring more traffic.

For Troy's 2013 schedule, click here.


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