City of Troy Considers Public Smoking Ban


By Brittany Bivins

The City of Troy will not be banning water pipes yet, but it could be taking far more drastic action in the future.

On Tuesday, city council members set aside an ordinance that would ban hookah, in favor of considering a stricter proposal.

Council President John Witherington introduced the water pipe ban two weeks ago after developers announced plans to open a hookah bar. Hookah is a pipe that uses a special blend of seasoned tobacco.

Now the city council will vote on a measure to ban all smoking in all public places. However, some smokers and hookah lounge owners say they're against that proposal.

"Personally, I'm grateful that Troy would want to become a smoke-free city, my constituents have spoken to me numerous times about that," said Marcus Paramore, a city council member.

However, hookah lounge developers say a ban like that would kill their business before it even started. They say they have public opinion on their side.

"We have so many people that are in support of it, the phone calls, the emails everyone's waiting for it to open up," said Richard Jones, a partner in Aposha LLC, which is opening the hookah bar.

The City of Troy already bans smoking in restaurants. The council will hold a public hearing on the measure before voting on it next month.


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