City of Troy to Tackle Problem of "Dangerous" Sidewalks Near Downtown


By Brittany Bivins

Sidewalks are supposed to be a safe way for people to travel from one place to another. But some city officials and people in Troy say their sidewalks aren't doing the job.

Eric Grote and Jennifer Steinhilb hit the pavement every day, walking their dogs through Troy. They say sometimes this walk seems like an accident waiting to happen.

"The sidewalk comes out where you can just trip. if you're not watching your feet, and how you're walking, you'll trip over yourself and fall," said Steinhilb.

Vaughn Daniels, Troy Director of Public Works, says the sidewalks have been a problem for years. "Right now the sidewalks are in kinda bad shape. They're, I would say dilapidated. they're old. Some of them have been there for sixty years or more," Daniels said.

Quinton Lofton lives two blocks from downtown Troy, but never walks there because of the condition of the sidewalks.

"It hasn't been done in years, they're worn out. I mean, if you're not careful, you can trip and fall," said Lofton.



he city will apply for a $500,000 grant to fix the sidewalks leading from Troy University to the square. City leaders say they hope that will encourage more people to visit downtown Troy.Then they see what's available and once they see what's available, we call it livable communities, they'll stop, they'll shop, they'll meet people and it'll even be, what we hope to build, a downtown sociability," said Kathleen Sauer, Chamber of Commerce President

City officials say they will hold a public hearing next week to get comments from the community before they apply for the grant.

If approved, they say all the work should be completed within two years.



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