Christmas Season Bringing Economic Boom to Downtown Troy


By Brittany Bivins

With Christmas less than two weeks away, shops are seeing a big boost in business. In Troy, more people are heading to small businesses to shop locally, which local vendors say has a big impact on their bottom line.

Troy city leaders spent most of this year trying to promote and grow the downtown area. Now they say their efforts are paying off for businesses on the square. For the first Christmas shopping season in years, nearly every store front in downtown Troy is full.

"Downtown has been just booming with business and some of the shops are staying open on sundays, and hopefully, you know, the next time we will have music downtown also," said Sheila Jackson, Director of Public Relations and Tourism.

She says the city and Chamber of Commerce have been working all year to draw people downtown for special events and brand new businesses. Some stores say it's paying off.

"People have been coming to the square for the newer stores, so that brings people here for lunchtime, here to do more of their christmas shopping in Troy, instead of going to Montgomery or Birmingham like they normally do." said Jhermonique White, who works at T-Marie.

They say that's thanks to a new downtown vibe. Half a dozen specialty stores have opened up this year, specializing in menswear, home decor, and kids' clothing.

"Of course it's going to help draw people in here. It's constantly busy, even during the week, instead of just weekends like it was before," said Morgan Nall, who works at Glow, a beauty supply store.

It's something local retailers say they're counting on to get their names out there and keep business booming even after the holidays. City leaders say they want to add more downtown events over the next year to draw even bigger crowds to the square and drum up support for local business.

According to a survey by the City of Troy, businesses on the square say traffic to their stores has picked up between 10 and 30 percent this year over last.

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