Family Remembers Troy Man, Son Killed in Crash


By Brittany Bivins

People in Pike County are remembering a father and a son, after a fatal crash Wednesday that left several others injured.

Family members and friends of Timothy Green and his 14-year-old son Blake say they were fun-loving fixtures of this community, and they say their loss has affected all of Pike County.

"Nobody knows the pain unless it's happened to you. It's very hard, hurtful. You have to have god in your life to help you through this," said Liz Green, Tim Green's mother and Blake Green's grandmother, who says she'll always remember Wednesday as one of the worst days of her life.

State troopers say Tim Green was driving his pickup when it hit a tree just after 4 P.M. Wednesday. Both Tim Green and Blake Green were declared dead at the scene. Three other passengers, including two children, were left with other injuries.

Liz Green says the double loss for her family is devastating.

"My son would help you any way you could, he's give the shirt off his back if he could, and Blake was always there to help anybody he could," she said.

At Pike County High School, where Blake Green was an eighth grader, his classmates say they're still in shock over the accident.

"Blake, he was like one cool dude, he didn't mess with nobody, he didn't get into trouble or nothing and yesterday, we was just playing basketball with him in the gym, and come to find out, this happened, you know, it just makes you think about life a lot," said Javarus McClendon, a classmate.

And the Green Family says they won't ever forget.

"Timmy and Blake, they was good people, and they was loved by a lot. I loved them dearly, and I know they'll in heaven in god, they're in my heart, and they're going to be missed," said Liz Green.

Funerals for Tim Green and Blake Green have not yet been announced. The Green Family says they are waiting for two additional family members to be released from the hospital before they make those arrangements.

State Troopers are still investigating the crash, but say speed and an electronic device were factors.


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