Fireworks Vendors: Business Booming for Fourth of July


By Brittany Bivins

The Fourth of July is all about the red, white and blue, but some local retailers say they're hoping to see a little green, too.

Fireworks vendors are opening up this weekend all across

Alabama. And many of them say they expect this years' sales to be much better than last years'.public opinion is split.

"At the most, I'll spend about 100 bucks, but I mean people can spend as much as they want. I think 200 to 300 is plenty of fireworks for anybody," said Josh Gaines, who was shopping for fireworks.

Warren Sanders said that might not be enough. "Just a thousand is perfect. You can spend hours at the beach or the lake or in your house or your backyard," he said.

Fireworks vendors say they also see some out-of-state traffic coming to Alabama to buy fireworks, because of neighboring states like Florida, where many types of fireworks aren't legal.

That's partly thanks to fireworks enthusiasts like Greg Scarbrough, who says fireworks are a necessity for his Independence Day celebration. "It's just a part of the Fourth of July. Always has been," he said.

Fireworks sales don't see a big boom every holiday. Carol Sanders owns Tiki Fireworks on county road 2290 in Goshen. She says last year, the region's dry weather hurt business.

"It makes the sales go down a lot, because you know, they put bans on the fireworks, so we don't get to sell as much," said Sanders.

This year, though, there are no bans. She says that means more pent-up demand. "This year it's rained some so everything's wet, so we hope that's going to help us with out sales. People come in, because they didn't get to do it the year before," Sanders said.

That includes people like Harold Shader, who says he's making up for lost time. "You gotta get more. More, bigger ones, better," said Shader.

That National Retail Federation estimates the average American will spend about $300 for their celebrations this year. How much will you shell out for a great show? Turns out,

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