First Youth Community Garden Opens in Troy


By Brittany Bivins

A community group in Troy is getting its hands dirty

to tackle the challenge of childhood obesity.two dozen children and teens at the Christian Love Center are taking part in the "Get Fit Kidz" Camp. They exercise, learn healthy eating choices and grow their own vegetables in a garden at the center. Camp leaders say it's part of a plan to fight childhood obesity.

The young gardeners are growing cabbage, peas, tomatoes, beans, and peppers.


As the veggies sprout, the children get to take some home to eat with their families.You can get it fresh from here. You can get it and it tastes better," said camper Decorey Dozier.


If they start now, at the age they are, trying to get fit and trying to eat healthier, then when they become adults, the numbers will decrease. It means they won't be overweight. They won't be as overweight or obese," said Lawanda Bell, Camp Coordinator.

If you'd like to help the center buy seeds and other materials for the garden, you can call 566-5210.


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