"For Rent" Signs Spread Across Troy


By Alabama News Network

Some realtors in Troy cant seem to explain why their vacancy rates are double what they were this time last year.
Driving around the city you'll see dozens of for rent signs. Some property managers think it may be because of an over saturated market with the large apartment complex The Edge fully up and running.
Or the fact that the university opened up the new Newman Center dorms with 376 beds. The lesser demand has resulted in property owners dropping rent rates and fees and also allowing pets for the first time.

Kevin Musyoka Mului, an International Grad Student said, "It's good for us. Because you know at the end of the day, it's all about looking to save money. The more they reduce the better for us."


Some realtors thought maybe the university was being more strict about requiring international students and freshman to live on campus, but school leaders said that was not the case.

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