Thursday, December 18, 2014

Friends, Co-Workers Remember Troy Murder Victim
By Brittany Bivins

Friends and co-workers of a Troy woman are sharing their memories, days after she was shot to death in her apartment. Melissa Shipman's co-workers at Einstein's Bagels on Troy University's campus say losing her is like losing a family member, and they say they'll do whatever they can to make sure her memory is not forgotten.

Friends say when Melissa Shipman was working behind the counter at Einstein's, you knew it. "You could hear her coming around the corner, she was just awesome. Bubbly lively, come through, holler everybody's names, say hey to everybody," said Sheena Adkins.

Today that voice is missing, and a black bow is in its place. Brenda Summers, Director of Catering at Troy University, worked with Shipman. She says the murder has shocked everyone who knew Shipman. "When something like that hits so close to home, you are very surprised and we were all, just not believing it's true," she said.

Jamelia Williams, Shipman's boss, says she heard about the shooting just after it happened, but she didn't believe it at first. "I hadn't heard nothing from her, I didn't see it on the news, I didn't see it on facebook, so it can't possibly be right, so I actually gave her a call, and when she didn't answer, I was just like, something is wrong," she said.

Just after 3 P.M. Satuday, police found Shipman's body at her apartment. Three days later, they arrested Suroy Wheeler for first-degree murder. Friends say they want justice for Shipman, but they say even that won't make things right. "We're definitely going to miss her presence, her laughter, and her voice, which I think everybody has said something about her voice. It was one of a kind," said Williams.

Shipman's funeral is scheduled for 1:30 Saturday at Shiloh Baptist Church in Troy. Visitation will be at Grubbs Funeral Home at Friday at 1:00. The Shipman family will also hold a candlelight vigil in front of Shipman's Troy Villa apartment on Friday evening at 6.

Wheeler is still behind bars, facing murder charges. He's expected to be extradited back to Pike County.