Game Day Brings Thousands of Fans, Millions of Dollars to Troy


By Brittany Bivins

After months of waiting, fans finally got their chance to see the Troy Trojans take on an SEC team for the very first time in Veterans Memorial Stadium. Thousands of people lined up for the traditional Trojan Walk down University Boulevard. Some longtime fans told us it's the biggest line they've ever seen.

"It's a big deal. This is a history-making day for the Trojans. We're so glad we're being able to participate," said Dot Jackson, who traveled from Hartselle to watch the game.

"Last weekend, there was a lot of people out here, we thought, but when we showed up today, everybody was already here, crowds were around and just kind of amazed us to see all the support that Troy had today," said Jessica Peek, whose brother is a redshirt freshman.

Some of that support can be measured in green, between grilling gear and game tickets, fans spent thousands of dollars to make sure their game day was worth the wait. Josh Sneed came from Atlanta to watch the game in Troy. His father's a former Trojan football player, and he says he made the drive today to share Troy's frist ever SEC home matchup with him. He says that makes this moment priceless. "Money's really not an issue at games. I'll spend as much money as I can to enjoy myself, so it's definitely, I can see people spending money all over the place around here," he said.

Drew Westbrook, a Troy alum, agrees. "Absolutely man. It's good for the local economy and all kinds of good stuff," he said. "Everyone out here wants to have a good time. Everyone is having a good time."

An average game weekend brings about $1 million in extra revenue to the city. City officials estimate that could grow to almost $4 million this weekend.

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