Governor Robert Bentley Delivers Commencement Address to Record Number of Troy Graduates


By Brittany Bivins

Troy University is breaking in the new Trojan Arena with its first Spring commencement ceremony by awarding a record number of diplomas. University officials say 910 students graduated on Friday.

Governor Robert Bentley gave the commencement address to the new graduates, who came from 27 different states and 14 countries. Bentley told the graduates that while their future plans might change, there are opportunities for them in Alabama. He says the job outlook is continuing to improve.

"We are announcing a lot of new industries, high tech industries that will need college graduates to help them, and I think there's a great opportunity now for our students to stay in Alabama, and that's what we hope they'll do," said Bentley.

Most of the graduates say they are optimistic about their chances of finding work.

"I think people who say there aren't jobs available either graduated with the wrong degree or just aren't looking hard enough, because if you put yourself out there, opportunities come," said Courtney Starling.

"I do agree. A lot of my friends who who have graduated have gotten jobs, so i'm not too fearful of not finding one, I just want to find the right one for me," said Emily Allbritton.

About 650 of the more than 900 graduates particpated in the ceremonies. Governor Bentley also received an honorary doctorate from Troy University.

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