High School Seniors Tour Campuses

Hundreds of Jeff Davis Student go on bus tour of area colleges.


By CBS-8 Reporter



Several hundred Seniors from Jeff Davis High School in Montgomery are visiting college campuses this week.


The project is sponsored by the city public schools and the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce.

The students boarded buses outside the school this morning, heading to eight campuses during the week, including Troy, A-S-U, A-U-M, Faulkner University and Trenholm Tech.

The Chamber of Commerce's Nancy Briggs says it is an effort to increase the percentage of Jeff Davis students going to college, which was at 35 percent last year.

"We've given ourselves a goal in the next five years that we will increase that to 46%, and that's based on the data we have for workforce trends and what's happening in Montgomery, where we're going to need an additional 11% of workers who have some college experience."

The high school seniors will also meet with members of the chamber about college loans and scholarships to help them afford college.

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