Hundreds "March for Jesus" in Downtown Brundidge


By Brittany Bivins

In Pike County, hundreds of people are taking their message to the streets. It's the 13th year for Brundidge's March for Jesus. Participants say each time, the crowds just get larger. And this year, they say their message is more important than ever.

Willie Moultrie, President of the Concerned Christians of Brundidge, said the purpose is to bring more people to the faith. "I look at the church that I go to and we used to have greater participation, people don't seem to much concerned, and the young people, we're just losing them, they're not interested, they're not concerned," he said.

He says events like this, though, bring young people in droves, like 23-year-old Tristan McSwain, who's been attending since he was a child. "Christianity is the foundation, it's our belief, and we have to stand strong on it and make more of it," he said.

However, some walkers say that's easier said than done, which is why they come out every year. Lynette Andrews says she thinks there should be more marches like this one across Alabama. "Everybody's afraid to represent the Lord, and they don't want everybody to see that they love the Lord, so I think it is problem," she said.

For some marchers, this year, it's even more important to reach out to others. Jeffery Flowers has been going to the march for years, but he says some issues stick out this time. "The economy is in such bad shape and it's almost election time again, this is a good thing for the people here, if they can get together and just fellowship, just pray for one unity for the economy as well as for the candidates that's running for the country," he said.

Organizers say the march's message isn't political, but Moultrie did say he tells the group to stay informed on what's happening. "The only thing I say is awareness. People need to be aware of what's going on," he said.

Each year, the march works with community churches for a good turnout. This year, more than a dozen were there.


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