Judge Overturns Convictions for Man Accused of Raping Two Women at Troy Mobile Home Park


By Brittany Bivins

A man convicted of raping two women in Troy last March will be getting a new trial.

Andre Ellis was found guilty in March of burglary and rape, after prosecutors say he raped two women at Hunter's Mountain Mobile Home Park within hours of each other.

In a hearing in April, Ellis'  attorneys argued that the state did not turn over key information in the trial, including the fact that one of the witnesses had identified another man in a photo lineup as her attacker, before she identified Ellis.

The defense also said witnesses had made conflicting statements that were not made available to Ellis' lawyers.

In an order issued Friday, Judge Jeff Kelley agreed with the defense team, saying the prosecution should have given that information to Ellis' lawyers.

The Pike County District Attorney's office issued a statement, saying, "The state, while respectful of the court's decision, disagrees with and is disappointed in the findings of the court as well as the outcome. The state appreciates the time and efforts of each of the jury members during the trial members of this matter and the state further stands with the victims of these horrendous acts and will continue to make efforts to ensure Andre Ellis is held accountable for his action."

J. Carlton Taylor, who represents Ellis, said in a statement to Alabama News Network, ""We are very happy with the ruling and appreciate the Court's diligence in this matter. We believe that justice prevailed."

A hearing will be held on August 1st to determine a new trial date.

He remains in the Pike County Jail for a conviction for an unrelated case.

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