Middle, High School Sharing A Campus


By Sarah Cantey

Construction at Troy's Charles Henderson Middle School is underway and that means 348 middle schoolers were displaced for the school year.

Repairs, renovations and constructions worth $7 million are expected to be complete at the middle school by next year.

So for now, the seventh and eighth graders are sharing the high school. But, school leaders worked for months coming up with a traffic plan and layout to make sure there's little to no interaction between the different age groups.

They added six portable classrooms and designated two separate sides to the campus. Increased traffic was one major thing parents had to get used to.

Troy City Schools Superintendent Lee Hicks said, "And after about the first day or two of school, as far as the traffic, it got a whole lot better. And then the students have not had an issue with it at all. The middle schoolers have been separated from the high school and the only classes that really merge together are the band."

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