Much Needed Repairs Wanted For Pike County Roads


By Sarah Cantey

We've heard the analogy you can only patch a roof so many times before it needs to be replaced. 

Pike County Commissioner Joey Jackson is using that same saying when it comes to the roads. They need to be repaired and won't get better on their own. 
Sally Allen said, "I live out in the country and they've done some improvements but they still have a long way to go...hey when you get old them bumps and humps they are rough on you." 
Sixteen roads in the county met the heavy traffic requirement for the $12.5 million in repairs through the state program.
Pike County Commissioner Joey Jackson said, "and this falls under a local road so we just don't have the money." 
Jason Burgans said,  "Could use repaving I know that's expensive but life safety's more important than money like that to me." 
But the county can't seem to find the money. It relies on gas tax revenue to fund road projects for every gallon it get 4 cents. 
Joey Jackson said, "and that has not been increased in 20 years." 
It's been a slippery slope, since 2005 gas tax revenue has dropped 6 percent. And it's not just at an expense to the county. 
Joey Jackson said, "It costs people more to drive on bad roads because their front end alignment, tires, and gas consumption....we cant keep going on the path we're going because this is not safe."
Joey Jackson hopes the community will voice their opinions and hopefully they can come up with some sort of solution, to fix a problem now rather than putting it off for down the road.

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