New Regulations Have Some Barbers Mad


By Sarah Cantey

New state regulations on barber shops are set to take effect later this year...and some barbers are mad about it. 

Raymond Ledford set up his shop in Troy 35 years ago. 
Hunting is the typical barber shop chatter, but a new law has the shop buzzing. 
Raymond Ledford will need to get a license come 2014.
Fees will vary but a 2-year license for a shop and barber is 190 dollars. 
Raymond said, "Tight folks don't want to spend any money at all, unnecessary money."
But the state sees it as common sense to regulate barbers just like cosmetologists... 
Executive Director Alabama Board of Cosmetology Bob McKee said, "I would argue that if you don't regulate all personal services then why regulate any of them." 
And that it comes down to protecting the person sitting in the chair. 
McKee said, "What we would do is go in and give them some material and encourage them on what we believe are good practices of sanitation. We are not looking for a quarrel." 
But Raymond Ledford worries it'll affect his routine. "If swept the floor say 30 minutes a day, maybe longer, you'd lose four or five customers. You know I've been fairing pretty good without the harrasment or the board. And my customers they like me and I appreciate them," he said." 
Raymond Ledford says he's going to continue trying to get support to repeal the law. But, if nothing changes he will comply.

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