Old Trojan Arena Could Become Home to New Recreation Center


By Brittany Bivins

The Troy University Trojans have offically moved into the new Trojan Arena. The state-of-the-art facility will be home to basketball, volleyball and track. That means the Trojans will no longer be using the 50-year-old Sartain Hall, which used to house those programs. Now some university officials say a new recreation center could be the answer.

Plans for Sartain Hall are still very tentative, but Dean of Student Services Herb Reeves says there are benefits to an updated recreation center.

"Now all of our recreation outlets are scattered, the campus fitness center in this building in the Trojan Center, our gyms and other facilities, and it would consolidate all of that into one center for students to come and work out, play basketball, and maybe an indoor walking track," he said.

Reeves says Troy is one of few universities in its area and division without a centralized recreation center for students. He says the university's decision will depend on the cost of the project, and the potential to expand Sartain Hall.

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