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Press Release- 

 There will be an additional option for renewing car tags in Pike County.  Pike County Probate Judge Wes Allen announced today that residents will soon be able to renew their car tags on-line, via the internet and Smartphone.  

“The staff & I have been working hard to make on-line tag renewals a reality. Our goal is to make it easier for the taxpayers to conduct business with their Probate office,” said Judge Allen.
The on-line tag renewal program will operate in much the same manner as the mail-in tag renewal program.  When residents receive their courtesy tag renewal notice in the mail they should look for information on the front of the notice, including a new unique code.  The unique code found on the front of the courtesy tag renewal notice will be required to renew the tag on-line.  
Customers then log onto, click the ‘Renew Tag On-Line’ icon and follow the directions.  Customers will be prompted to enter the unique code to complete on-line transactions.    
Additionally, customers renewing their tags on-line must provide their valid Driver’s License number, vehicle insurance information and credit card number to complete the transaction.  There will be a convenience fee to utilize a credit card to complete the on-line transaction.  Once the customer completes the transaction on-line, the Probate office staff will mail the new decal/tag to the customer.  
The new program will kick-off October 1st.  Residents who normally renew their tags during the month of October can begin renewing their tag on-line on Tuesday, October 1, 2013.  Anyone whose last name begins with U, V, W, X, Y & Z will renew during the month of October.  
There are four ways to renew car tags: in-person at the courthouse, in-person at the Brundidge satellite office, mail-in tag renewal via USPS and now on-line tag renewals.  

"This initiative maintains our overall strategic vision to deliver the most effective and efficient services to the taxpayers of Pike County.  We hope this option saves people time & money,” said Judge Allen.

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