Pike County Residents Demand Repairs for Rough Roads


By Brittany Bivins

People in Goshen are speaking out about the bad roads in their area, and they say they want to see them fixed.

According to Pike County Commissioner Joey Jackson, a third of the roads graded "failing" in Pike County are in the Goshen area

. Residents say that's causing damage to their vehicles, and making navigating rural roads more difficult.

Many of those roads are not eligible for federal money, because they don't get enough traffic.

That means Pike County taxpayers must foot the bill for the repairs. "My concern is being more accountable with the taxpayer's money, so that we do have money to work on projects like this because if we as the Pike County taxpayers doesn't have the money, we can't work on these roads," said Jackson.

Pike County recently proposed an additional tax on gas purchases that would have gone to help pay for road repairs.

The Pike County Commission has not taken a vote on that measure.

"I think they need to be be paved, because every time I go to work, I'm driving on bumps in roads, and they just seems like they're ruining my car and all that. I hate hitting bumps," said Jeremy Oliver, who lives in Pike County.

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