Red Cross Giving Aid to Storm Victims


By Brittany Bivins

From Pike County-- Tornado relief efforts are beginning. The Red Cross has just opened centers to help people in Goshen and Troy.

Storm survivors say the recovery is slow-going, but Red Cross volunteers say they're committed to helping people who lost their homes, and working toward long-term relief.

It's not how Zyrone Byrd thought he'd be spending his Christmas vacation, picking through the debris of his home at Brantley Mobile Home Park in Troy. "Just to see if I can find anything. Just memories, pictures, stuff like that, I mean, 'cause everything else is crushed and lost, so that's the only thing I can look for," said Zyrone Byrd.

He was here Christmas night when a tornado tore through, tossing his mobile home upside down. He says he's lost everything. "There's nothing. Everything in there, just about damaged. it's just bad," he said.

Red Cross centers opened Thursday in Goshen and Troy, where more than a dozen homes were seriously damaged or destroyed. "We are wanting people to come in, so we can do the assessment and give them clothing allotment and food allotment for those that had damage in the storm," said Red Cross Volunteer Tery Weinmann.

So far, not many people have asked for help, but volunteers say the need is there. "It was frightening to me, I worry about the people that were in the damaged areas, because I know they need help," said Weinmann.

Red Cross volunteers say anyone affected by these storms can receive aid, no matter what their income or employment status.

The Red Cross emergency center will open again Friday from 2 until 4 in the afternoon at Goshen Town Hall.

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