Salvation Army Donations Make Impact Beyond the Holiday Season


By Brittany Bivins

With just over a week away from Christmas, Alabama charities like the Salvation Army are working overtime to make sure needy families have a happy holiday, but your donations could make a difference beyond the Christmas season.

December is the busiest month of the year for the Salvation Army in Troy, and the best time for donations, whether it's food or money. And what it raises now will usually have to last the rest of the year, which is why it says today is the time to give.

It's a familiar sight around the Christmas season, the Salvation Army trying to ring up support for those in need. The charity is known for its Christmas red kettle collections and giving away toys and food boxes to needy families. This year, it will give out dozens of them to people around Pike County.

The Salvation Army is the only food pantry in Troy, and 75 percent of its donations are made during the holiday season, said Kim May with the Troy Salvation Army. "We have people that need food that are hungry that emergency situations happen to them throughout the year, so we need that food supply throughout the whole year," she said.

Caleb Dawson, a volunteer, says he's seen the difference the organization makes in the community. "Times are hard right now. A lot of people are living check to check, week to week, and they can come to the Salvation Army and get some of their basic need met," he said.

The Salvation Army accepts any non-perishable, in-date food. You can drop off your donations at the Troy location any time of the year. If you can help out, drop off your donations at 509 South Brundidge Street or call the Salvation Army at (334) 808-1069.

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