Some People in Pike County Wary About Possible Brundidge Landfill Sale


By Brittany Bivins

The Brundidge landfill is one step closer to being sold. That's after a public hearing today, where the Coffee County Commission voted 5-1 to approve a bid of $6 million for the shuttered landfill, which closed its doors in July, after its owner, Transflow America, began bankruptcy proceedings.

Some local businesses tell CBS 8 News they've been transporting their trash to Coffee County over the summer, but it hasn't come without cost."We have had to divert to Coffee County at an increase in price, simply because of fuel, driver time, paying the driver time and fuel costs," said Scott Gardner of Spurlock Metal Co. in Troy.

Before the closure, people paying for garbage pick-up in Pike County could dispose of a thousand cubic yards of trash, free of charge, thanks to the county's host agreement with Transflow America, says Britt Thomas, Brundidge City Manager. "If Coffee County gets it, you know, we wouldn't want to lose that. Again, that is a very big economic benefit for the people of our county," he said.

According to Thomas, the City of Brundidge does not own the landfill, and has not invested any taxpayer money towards it. However, he says the area and citizens do have a vested interest in it, especially local businesses.

Today, waste management services in Brundidge and Troy are re-routing all the area's waste to the landfill in Coffee County while they wait out the bidding process. They say there's uncertainty about whether the deal will go through, but either way. However, business owners worry it could hurt the bottom line.

"As long as coffee county is the only game in town, or the monopoly in town, we're going to be subject to their prices and we have no other options, other than trucking it long distances, which is really not relevant," said Gardner.

CBS 8 News spoke to waste management services throughout Pike County, who say although they've seen an increase in transportation costs, they haven't raised rates on their customers. Coffee County is expected to submit a bid for the landfill within the next several weeks.


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