Thursday, December 18, 2014

Spring Break a Big Boost for Businesses in Troy
By Brittany Bivins

March officially kicks off the Spring Break season in Alabama, and cities like Troy are getting ready for the economic boost that comes with it.


On a normal day, thousands of cars travel on Highway 231 in Troy. But during Spring Break, those numbers are even higher, as people across the country head down to the beach.

For gas stations along Highway 231, Spring Break means a big boost in business that will start as soon as Troy University lets out on Friday.

"This parking lot will be packed, there won't be a parking space. There will be people all around back, on every pump, people waiting behind the pumps for gas. I mean, we get a lot of traffic through here," said Lindsay Shoemaker, who works at Z-Tech, a gas station on Highway 231 in Troy.


She says a lot of that is repeat business. "As a matter of fact, they've even told me before, weren't you working the last time we came down here? I'm like yeah, that was probably me."

But it's not just gas stations enjoying the bump in sales.

Troy's Chick-fil-A opened in January, and handles about 1,700 transactions a day. It expects that number to increase over Spring Break.I think the potential is for them to go up significantly. We've got a multi-lane drive-thru so we can handle a lot of volume in the drive-thru lane," said Jeff Koch, who owns the store in Troy.


It's great, you know, this intersection here has over 33,000 cars a day that go through it. It's outstanding, and we're in a great location for people to just pull in."


usinesses in Troy say the exact numbers change every year, but Z-Tech gas station employees say they usually see up to a 10 percent increase in business over the next month.