Saturday, December 20, 2014

Start Of Alabama's Restaurant Week
By Sarah Cantey

Mac Holmes is considered one of Milky Moo's most dedicated customers.

And for the next 10 days, restaurant week is offering up his meals for less.

Mac Holmes said, "It's a good price, it's a healthy meal and it's good."

This is the first year the Pike county chamber of commerce pushed locally owned restaurants to take part in the statewide initiative. Most chain restaurants don't qualify to participate.

Kathleen Sauer, Pike County Chamber of Commerce said, "I think it gets your restaurant out get it more known to people and of course they not only have statewide but they go beyond the state to market their activities and events."

And now is the perfect time.

Owner of Sips Lyndsay Taylor said, "It's a perfect week because a lot of these students have not had the opportunity to have some of thins we are going to be showcasing this week so it is going to be a good win win for both the students and the restaurants in Troy too."

Win win for business owners and the local economy.

Kathleen said, "All your local businesses are usually the mainstays of your economic development."

By offering flavors of the south, restaurant owners hope to turn new customers into familiar faces.

Lyndsay said, "It is amazing advertising for our business and we are really hoping and excited to welcome some new faces."

If you still want to check out restaurant week, you still have time. The deals through next Sunday.