Troy Asks for Community's Support to Build New Miracle League Playground


By Brittany Bivins

The City of Troy will soon be home to a new Miracle League Park, geared to children with disabilities. It would be the first of its kind for the area, but organizers say they're facing a deadline to raise the funding they need

City officials got the idea after building the Miracle League Field, a baseball field which has special equipment especially fitted to meet the needs of children with special needs.

"It's just a very heartwarming experience to help these children with special needs play a game of baseball and it's been one of the most popular and best things we've done in our city," said Dan Smith with Troy Parks and Recreation.

But when the baseball season ends

, so does the chance for those children to play in a park that's tailored to their needs. Organizers hope the new playground will change that.They've raised $125,000 so far, but they must reach the $200,000 mark by June.

Smith says if that doesn't happen, the project will have to make cuts. "L

ess playground equipment, and we certainly do not want that, but that is an option," he said.

That's an option he hopes to avoid, though, by raising the money within the next two months,

If you want to help with the fundraising efforts or make a donation, you can call Troy Parks and Recreation at

(334) 566-4031 or stop by the Troy Sportsplex.

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