Troy Clears Way For Brand New School


By Brittany Bivins

The City of Troy is demolishing its old middle school to make way for a brand new building. And that has some long-time Troy residents looking back at old memories.

Crews began tearing down parts of the 42-year-old building this week so they can begin construction by the middle of the summer.

Before the older building came down, Charles Henderson Middle School Principal Aaron Brown got some special visitors.

"We've had a couple people that attended the middle school that they came back up and they said, Mr. Brown, I just want to walk through just one last time before they demolish the building."

There are a lot of great memories here for former CHMS students like Parker Smith. "The old building gives me a lot of old emotions. It really, it's a sadness and happiness because I know there's been a lot of great things that happened there," said Smith.

However, Brown says CHMS teachers and students are ready to get into the new building. "The new middle school is going to be awesome. We're talking larger classrooms, more space, teachers are going to be excited," he said.

Teacher Sharon Maestri agrees. "I really believe that a brand new environment is just going to be something that is going to motivate them to do better in school," she said.

The new school won't be ready until 2014, so this fall the sixth graders will go to classes at the elementary school campus, while seventh and eighth graders will be in a separate wing of the high school.

Altogether, more than 500 students attend Charles Henderson Middle School but school officials say that will drop to a little more than 300 this year since the students will be split between two campuses.

The new school will cost about $6 million to build. According to school system officials, that money will come from bonds.

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