Troy Football Player Back After Accident


By Alabama News Network

Wins on the field often measure Trojan success. But for senior Aaron Williams, his greatest victory to date, was won away from Larry Blakeney field.

He's the image of a major college athlete. "I can sweat I can run I can breathe fine I can lift," Aaron said.

But looking closer, scars remind Aaron Williams that he beat the odds.

Aaron Williams, Defensive Tackle said, "Facing not being able to play or maybe not being able to live at that point changed my whole perspective."

That change came after accident at the end of June, "we decided to start a bonfire"

While hanging out with friends in Luverene, Aaron saw how life can change in an instant. "I've been starting fires for a long time here being a country boy. Just that 50 50 chance caught up with me and I poured a cup of gas on the fire and combusted right in front of my face," he said.

1st 2nd and 3rd burns over his arms chest and face, "it hurt so bad it didn't hurt."

Doctors said he'd be in the hospital for weeks. But for Aaron, that wasn't an option. "They gave me a month that I was going to have to stay in there and my teammates came and they encouraged me and I winded up only staying in there for a week."

After being medically cleared to hit the field, it's not the number of wins or games played that he wants left behind in Trojan history.

Troy Head Football Coach Larry Blakeney said, "He wants to make those folks back home proud. And we talk about crossing that bridge to man hood a lot here. And I think Aaron's on the other side."

Aaron said, "Physically-wise I am going to play my best I am going to the best that I can do. And if I can't do any of that in my full potential then ill at least bring character."

Even after all he's been through, Aaron says he's lucky. Lucky this happened now when he's young and able to heal.

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