Troy Police Arrest Woman for Boyfriend's Murder


By Brittany Bivins

One person is dead and another injured after an early morning shooting in Troy.

When police arrived at Woodland Hills Apartments at 6:00 Monday morning, they found a bloody scene. There were two gunshot victims. One of, Melvin Scott, was dead. Another person was shot in the hand. Police arrested Tiffany Upshaw, Scott's girlfriend, on murder charges, shocking people who know her.

"She was a shy girl. I remember once in school, at lunch, in the lunchroom, a guy punched her in the face and so she had to get her nose all reconstructed. She was a very shy girl, she didn't bother anyone," said Lakia Starks, Upshaw's former classmate.

Police say there's a history of domsetic disputes between Upshaw and Scott.

"The only thing that I know right now, it was an ongoing argument, domestic-related," said Lt. Bryan Weed with the Troy Police Department.

Still, the shooting is shocking for this clost-knit community.

"It's real upsetting for the residents because they have to live here, and it's real troubling for them to have to live in a place where something like this happens," said apartment manager Robby Morrow.

"Domestic violence are probably the most common calls that we go to. Very rarely  it ever get to this level, but you know, like you said, it's two families that will never be the same. Troy's small, everybody really knows everybody, you just hate to see a mistake like this made," said Weed.

Police say they can't rule this as self-defense right now. They say that is just one of many possibilities they are considering, and they say ultimately that will be up to a grand jury to decide.

Tiffany Upshaw is being held at the Pike County Jail - - facing murder charges. Her bail is set at $100,000 dollars.


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