Troy Police Warn Students: Secure Your Apartment This Summer


By Brittany Bivins

Police are warning Troy University students heading home for the summer to be careful when leaving their apartment or house unoccupied. That's because burglaries spike during the summer break, when potential thieves know your belongings are easy targets.

Troy Police officials say robberies spike whenever students have a school break, because potential thieves know they won't be home.

"Those springs breaks, may it summer, going into the summer session or the Christmas holidays, any time they feel the students may be gone and not in those apartments or homes, they're going to influx. That's definitely going to happen," said Bryan Weed with the Troy Police Department.

They say if students should always be sure to lock their doors and set any alarm systems they have every time they leave.

Troy residents should also tell their landlords if they're planning to be gone more than a week so they can check on the property.

"The property managers are there not only to secure your belongings and your possessions but also make sure that the landlord's property is safe and taken care of as well, so we're here to the job both for the owner and for the tenant," said Adam Drinkwater with Landmark Realty.

Police also say you should take pictures of expensive electronics with serial numbers. That can help get them back in case they are stolen.

"Take a picture of the item itself, which will help us greatly indentifying it and prosecuting whoever has taken it," said Weed.

Police also say you should call to report any suspicious behavior at your home or a neighbors'. You can reach the Troy Police Department at (334) 566-0500.


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