Troy Public Smoking Ban Introduced at Council Meeting


By Brittany Bivins

The City of Troy is moving ahead with an ordinance that could ban smoking in all public places in Troy.

City Council President John Witherington read the ordinance at Tuesday's council meeting, as required under law. Witherington said two weeks ago he would introduce the ordinance, after withdrawing one that banned smoking hookah, or flavored water pipes, within the city limits. At that time, Witherington said he didn't believe the hookah ban went far enough.

Witherington first introduced the ban after two business owners announced plans to open hookah lounges in Troy. The council issued liquor licenses, but Richard Jones, a partner of Aposa, LLC., which wants to open a lounge in downtown, said banning hookah would essentially shut down the business before it even opened.

A public hearing on the city-wide public smoking ban will be held on June 25th at City Hall.

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