Troy Reminds Residents To "Be Ready"


By Alabama News Network

Troy University and Pike County's Emergency Management Agency teamed up for "Be Ready Day." And the message is simple. The best form of disaster response, is disaster preparedness.

Rob Evers lived through the power of a natural disaster. A tornado hit his school in Baker, Florida back when he was in the 8th grade.
Rob Evers, a Troy junior said, "I definitely saw the trauma that it put the little kids through and then in subsequent bad weather to see them, to see how nervous it made them, it really stressed the importance of knowing that bad stuff will happen you might as well go ahead and be ready for it."
And dozens of first responders were on hand at Troy University showing how to prepare.
Saying the best thing is to have a plan and an emergency kit lasting 3 to 5 days.


Jerri Ayers, Alabama Fire College said, "Some of the best information that has come out over the past few years is to have the kids  either include an extra bicycle helmet in their kit or at the time of the emergency event retrieve their bicycle helmet, in the event of a hurricane or tornado that would help protect the head."

Having multiple agencies in one location also showed the first responders what all the equipment available across the state.
Patrick Stephens, CERT Troy University said, "It's never that one agency can encompass all of it so it is always great to work with those partnerships because if something happens all the people you see here are going to work side by side."
And people like Rob know, planning ahead is key.

Rob Evers said, "Anything that you need to know, that you don't have to call 911, anything you can do yourself to prevent you from taking first responders away from those that truly need them."

For more information on what you should put in your emergency kit visit:

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