Troy To Remove City's Oldest Traffic Light; Warns Drivers to Take Precautions


By Brittany Bivins


to warn people about the change. But still they want everyone to be extra cautious.

"Especially if you're not used to it or not expecting it, you need to pay attention to that because it is going to be a little different until you get used to everyone having to stop at that intersection all at the same time," said Chandler.

City officials will be removing the stop light on Friday. They say people should avoid the area while that work is being done.

Some changes are coming for a busy road in Troy. City officials say they're removing the oldest traffic light in the city on the corner of Elm Street and South Brundidge Street.

City officials say the light is too old and inefficient for the traffic there, but they say the change will take awhile to get used to.

By this weekend, the traffic light that's stood at the corner of Elm Street and South Brundidge Street for forty years will be gone. Electric Superintendent Brian Chandler says the parts they need to keep in good shape aren't made anymore.

"That's one of the major concerns, is we're not able to keep it running and work on it, and based on the results of a study, they indicated traffic would flow better and quicker at that intersection with a 4-way stop," said Chandler.

He says the City of Troy studied the traffic the intersection, before making their decision. He says they'll replace the light with a flashing red signal. Everyone will have to stop before they go through.

City officials say they'll have signs out

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