Troy University Athletic Director Talks Major Facility Upgrades


By Brittany Bivins

Troy University Athletic Director John Hartwell has been on the job since October, and he's already talking some major upgrades in athletic facilities. He says the major goal is attracting more athletes and students from across the country.

There are big projects in the works

at Troy University, and one of the biggest is an overhaul of the north end zone at Veterans Memorial Stadium, which could be completed by 2015.Troy has a strong brand in the state of Alabama and the Southeast, but I want that to expand, I want people to say, Troy, they're a powerhouse and not just in football, but athletic department-wide," said John Hartwell, Troy University Athletic DirectorTroy compete with larger schools and attract top-notch recruits., something tennis players say they've been hoping to see for years.

"We could practice way more and with like, better opportunities, especially when it's raining or when it's really cool, when we don't want to go to practice, but we still have to, so it would help us a lot," said Caroline Grymel,

"Especially at the beginning of the season, when we're playing, you know, big schools, who have these indoor facilities, it would give us the opportunity to practice indoors and just be better prepared," said Brooke Durden,


who plays tennis at Troy.a freshman on the women's tennis team.ohn Hartell says his team is still working on fundraising for these projects, but he says most of that money will come from private contributions.

Every year, sporting events draw thousands of people to Troy's campus.


To do that, he says the school is looking at some major upgrades to facilities including a $25 million re-vamping of the football stadium's end zone to include a new locker room, plus coaches' and training facilities. Hartwell says that helps

"They also have to have a little sizzle, pop and sizzle if you will, so that they say, gosh, you know, on my visit to Troy, they had this, this and this, and you know, that is better than what a, b, c university had, and you know, that's one of the reasons that I'm selecting Troy," said Hartwell.

There are also plans to expand and renovate the locker rooms at the softball field and cover several tennis courts

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