Troy University Gearing Up for T-Day


By Brittany Bivins

It's not just Alabama and Auburn who will be showing their Spring training progress this weekend. Troy University will also host "T-Day," where the offense and defense will take on each other over a scrimmage game for bragging rights.

However, it falls on the same weekend as Tuscaloosa's A-Day and the last rolling of Toomer's Oaks in Auburn. So how many Troy fans will fill the stadium?

Troy University Coach Larry Blakeney says the other games won't keep Trojan fans away.

"Not the true Troy fans. You know, they're going to come to Troy. You know, we have a lot of people who are alumni of those two institutions that do support us, too, you know. We're not greedy, we just want them to come and be a part of our support unit and team as much as they can," said Blakeney.

Some Troy fans say they're doing just that.

"I plan to go out and see it, because I do love Troy and I do love the football team and support them greatly and I'm behind them. And I know that A-Day is tomorrow, but I'm a Troy fan, so Troy comes first," said Brandon Anderson, a Troy student.

However, not all students feel the same way.

"I'm a Bama guy, Roll Tide. I don't support Troy. Well, I support them in a way, but not football-wise," said Kris Williams, another Troy student.

Blakeney says the Alabama and Auburn games don't usually affect the number of Troy fans who come to T-Day, but Troy football players say they're hoping for Trojan fans to fill the stadium on Saturday.

"If you're a Troy fan, you're really really committed to the school and stuff, instead of going to A-Day or Auburn's game, so it's good, it gives you a good feeing," said Fullback Jarod Lee.

T-Day will kick off at Veterans Memorial Stadium at 11 on Saturday. It's free and open to everyone.


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