Troy University Seniors Have Mixed Feelings About Job Market


By Brittany Bivins

For some students, the end of the year also means the end of their college days. 470 students will graduate from Troy University on Friday. Now many of them are looking toward an uncertain job market.

It's a question all soon-to-be graduates are asking themselves. What now?

"When reality hits, when you're about to graduate, you know there aren't any jobs out there, but you just have to keep going, keep going through it," said Yasmine Knight, a journalism major. She says she's heading to graduate school next year to get a masters degree. She says it's a popular choice for graduates who can't find work right away.

Amber Michael is majoring in social science while working at Cotton Creek, a clothing store in Troy. She says jobs are hard to come by, but they're out there.

"I certainly think people are more hopeful because they're tired of not being hopeful. They're so tired of hearing bad news, so I think people are kind of holding onto the fact that it will get better," said Michael.

That's already true for Devan Beitel, a graphic design major. "I''ve actually been talking to some people and I have a few offers," said Beitel.

He says his secret was starting the job search way before graduation. "It's kind of relieving to know that I have some type of stable future right after I graduate, and I don't have to worry about promoting myself more. I've already been through that, and was lucky enough to find some things," he said.

Troy's graduation ceremony will be Friday at 10:30 at the new Trojan Arena.

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