Troy University Putting Finishing Touches on Some Major Upgrades


By Brittany Bivins

It's been a busy summer for Troy University as it works to complete several multimillion dollar projects. And some of them will be ready for students when they come back to campus one month from now.

Topping the list of Troy's improvements this year, a new 370-bed faith-based residence hall. And construction's right on schedule. Students will be able to move in in about two weeks, just before the fall semester begins.

Troy University is putting the finishing touches on the Newman Center. The new residence hall is a faith-based initiative, part of a collaboration with the Catholic Church. For Troy University, the almost 12-million dollar facility is a dream years in the making.

"The last twelve months has been exciting because it was on a part of campus that has a severe slope, required a lot of site development, but we think the end results are well worth the two years it has taken to get this far," said Senior Vice Chancellor Jim Bookout.

It's just one of several big projects in the works. In October, Troy will unveil a new $7.5 million band hall. Next spring, there will also be improvements to its athletics facilities.

"I think that the buildings will get a lot of use and a lot of students will get a lot of use out of them, so over time, I definitely think they'll be worth the money," said Kylie McGlincy, a Troy University student.

Troy University also hopes to open its new campus park, complete with an amphitheatre and add more parking for students and visitors later this year.

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